Welcome to the Official Website of CSL

Welcome to the official website of Cyber Space Legions. Which is a university society at FAST- Islamabad that guides students and raises awareness about cyber security. Our red team trains on cyber security attacks and exploits like Network vulnerabilities, website vulnerability nmapping, metasploit malware framework and more. Whereas, our blue team trains on defense against cyber attacks through techniques such as packet filtering, steganography, encryption, hashing, etc. We promote awareness through Hackathons, CTF competitions and much more.

Latest News

  • Participation in Air University's NCCS CTF

    Air University recently hosted a nation-wide Capture The Flag Competition under the umbrella of NCCS in the collaboration with HEC and a fee other amazing partners. ...

    Quiz Competition NaSCon'22 Day 3

    An advanced knowledge-based tech competition held by Cyberspace Legion turned out to be one of the most thrilling events in Nascon'22. It comprised of three rounds along wit...

    Capture the Flag NaSCon'22 Day 2

    Capture the flag, competition held to demonstrate expertise in many topics including web security, forensics, steganography, cryptography, networking etc. Participants competed ...

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